10 book-film

We have selected ten books which have a film adaptation. I’m gonna read (or re-read) the books and watch (or sometimes rewatch) the films and I wanna comment in this blog about the “experience”. I hope that read the book and watch the film in a short period of time results in a better experience.

  1. Fahrenheit 415 (book from Ray Bradbury, film by Fraçois Truffaut)
  2. Apocalypse Now (book:”Heart of Darkness” from Joseph Conrad, filmed by Francis Coppola)
  3. El paciente Inglés (book by Miachel Ondaatje, film by Anthony Minghella)
  4. El jardinero fiel (book by John Le Carré, film by Fernando Meirelles)
  5. Ciudad de Dios (book by Mario Merlino, film by Fernando Meirelles)
  6. The lathe of Heaven (book by Ursulla K. Leguin, film by Philip Haas)
  7. Solaris (book by Stanislaw Lem, version 1 of the film by Andrei Tarkovsky), version 2 of the film by Soderbergh)
  8. Sin City (comic by Frank Miller, film by Roberto Rodriguez)
  9. Stalker (book by Strugatsky brothers, film by Andrei Tarkovsky)
  10. V for Vendetta (comic by Frank Miller, film by James McTeigue)