Die, Flash, Die

I have to admit it, I hate Flash, and I’ve been hating Flash since I can’t remember. I hated when almost all companies thought it was cool to have a website completely built on Flash, and it was almost impossible to find the information you were looking for, because the websites where built as an exhibit of hundreds of effects and animations. And I hate that any browser I use finally crashed when managing several tabs containing several flash banners. And when you see all the wonderful and interactive websites you can build nowadays upon simple HTML and CSS you can’t understand why Flash technology is still present in million of websites.

So when I see the job trends related to web technologies and check how job trends related to Flash technology is starting to fall down, and companies are starting to require more developers with skills on html5, iOs or Android, I start to think that we are starting to think clear about web technologies. So… Die, flash, die! and make the Web a better place to “live”.