This saturday I went to Valencia because it was Julia’s birthday. I went with Myke, Chemita and Diego (Bolo man) and we met there with Javi (the one from Palencia) and David & Reyes (the cracks from Lugo). There were also more Julia’s friends and we started the party the Saturday at 18:00 pm and returned to Madrid at Sunday’s night.

I enjoyed a lot with my friends and the music, I had to say I was in a more or less “relaxed” state of mind. The only thing I didn’t like was a lot of girls were lesbians…grrrr I like lesbians only when they want to have sex with me 😛

As I was dressed as ever I go to a party some people thought I was a gay (it doesn’t matter to me) and someone said I moved my ass very sensualy when I dance…I think it’s a good thing because I’m very proud about my way of dance house music 😀 I only whish the next time a non-lesbian girl to say something like this to me….hehehe.