About me

Hi, I’m José Carlos Cortizo, tech entrepreneur, full-stack marketer, ocasional business angel & techno DJ by night.

Short bio

All-purpose digital professional with a mix of technical, marketing, product and business knwoledge. Expert in very few things but my global vision allows me to contribute a lot of value in some areas that need a wide range of perspectives and varied knowledge, such as roles focused on product or strategy.

Throughout my professional career I have launched several projects (BrainSINS, Wipley, AINetSolutions, En.Digital, etc.) and I have participated in some other projects either as an investor or as an advisor (Fotografía eCommerce, Product Hackers, SinDelantal, Ad -Pure, Tockit, etc.). Right now I’m focused on my main company (BrainSINS) and my podcast En.Digital.

I am passionate about diffusion, which has led me to organize many events and diffusion initiatives such as the Gamification World Congress (largest international Gamification event), local eComm&Beers e-commerce events (+140 events in +10 different cities) ), Conversion Mornings, Off / On Commerce Day, etc. I am also the author of more than 50 articles in industry magazines (Hackin9, Linux +, etc.), and many articles in blogs and digital media.

I have an important scientific background in areas related to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Data Mining, having written more than 40 publications in congresses and scientific journals, organizing 12 workshops and scientific conferences and participating in +20 workshop program committees and conferences in these areas.

In my free time I enjoy playing and producing electronic music (for me … #technoIsLife), reading fantasy books, science fiction and scientific dissemination and fiddling with various gadgets.

Mi life in a few tags: Gamification, Big Data, Product, Machine Learning, Marketing, Events, SaaS, Strategy, Techno Music

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