Ati, poor little ferret

Ati is one of my ferrets. She is a female ferret, is two years old and her name is a contraction from Atticus, the name Montse wanted for one of our children…but Ati is more or less like a children to me. Three weeks ago, I carried Ati to the veterinarian ’cause Ati had a little bulk at her back, which I had been cleaning during some weeks and it didn’t dissapeared. The veterinarian said it could be an infection, but after 10 days with antibiotics and no getting better, the veterinarian said it was a tumour and operated her. Now we are waiting the results of the analytic to discover if there is some possibilitie for Ati to get better.

Ati, I love you. You are a little beign who represents a lot of good things. You’ve helped me to get better and, I feel really bad knowing you can loose your life in this way.

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