A Distributed Future

Web 2.0 and Google are showing nowadays our “distributed future”. Now you don’t have a photoalbum with photographies in paper, neither have a software photoalbum in your computer, you use Flickr to store and share your photos and, even, you add tags to those photos in order to accomplish the future Semantic Web. With Writely you are stopping to use Word and starting to write in the online application that allow you to cooperate with others to work in a document, or even you share the use of a spreadsheet with Google Spreadsheet. New Firefox extensions as Google Browser Sync allow you to share all your personalized information from your browser in order to access to your history or bookmarks from all the computers you want.

And what more is near to come? Once Google said they where not going to compete with Microsoft in the Operating Systems and Ofimatics but recent Google products (as Google Spreadsheet) show us they’re coming in that market. In the future could be reasonable to expect a Linux based OS from Google that stores all the User information in their servers in order to use whatever computer as it were yours. The future is Web2.0, the future is distributed, the future is Google?