SIRIo Infrastructure

For developing the SIRIo Web Service, I’ve been testing some tools. What I’m going to use finally are:

Apache Tomcat as Servlet container
Apache Axis 2.0 as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) implementation.
MySql as database management system
Php as scripting language to develop the html based client to access the Web Service
Apache 2 as web service (with php5 installed as mod)
Java 1.5 as main development language for the Web Service.

Installing java 1.5 is very simple; download the files from here and install with the installer for your OS. For installing Apache, Mysql and Php, there is a lot of documentation (depending also on the OS you are going to run your web-service), but for developing the Java based Web-Service itself there is not so much information available. I’m going to describe all the steps for developing this web service as a reference point for developing a java based web service (I would release some articles about the SIRIo development, explaining all the steps)

The first step is to install Apache, Mysql and php. There are a lot of bundles containing all these applications, for example XMMS (which I referenced some time ago in this web log). Next we should install Apache Tomcat which is a very simple step explained in the Tomcat documentation. Next we are able to instal Axis 2.0, deploying the Axis2.0 war we can download from the Axis webpage (the information for installing Axis is here).

Now we have everything installed and ready to develop our own web service.