Today I’ve been working on SIRIo that is the result of the development of a new technology developed for retrieving information from possibly non-well formulated queries.

For example, if you want to search for information about “Arturo Soria” you should put “Arturo Soria” in the web search engine and you’d be able to access that information. But suppose you make a mistake when writing your query, just as an error or because you don’t know how to write it well. The resultant query could be something like “Harturo Sarria”, and the web engine could not give you any information.

SIRIo makes a normalization of the information it contains and also a normalization of the query, and then makes some different queries trying to retrieve the most relevant information. For example, if our database contains information about the roads in Madrid, searching for “Harturo Sarria” would return information about the road “Arturo Soria” without needing the user to guide any search process.