An excelent gift!!!

Some really wonderful geek gifts:

1.- Ant Works

The Ant Works concept was developed by NASA back in the heyday of the US space programme. Their idea was to take a colony of ants into space so the astronauts could study the insects’ behaviour in zero gravity. Why, we hear you ask? Well, we guess they had to study something as they hurtled around planet earth. Anyway, NASA’s loss is our gain because the amazing jelly-like habitat they invented is now available to support ant life here on earth. Or more specifically, on your desk, bedside or kitchen table.

2.- Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

This isn’t a toy for your six year old cousin (he probably doesn’t even know what planet Wookies live on). This is an official reproduction of real Lightsabers from Star Wars. “Real lightsabers?”, you might be thinking, “Star Wars isn’t real!”. Tell that to the masses who dress up every day as Darth Vader and Princess Leia across the globe, tell that to the folks who build droid replicas in their garages, study Sith history, and practice their Huttese. Star Wars is very real. And these working lightsabers make that extremely apparent. Featuring realistic lighting and sound effects, these close combat weapons of the Jedi and Sith from the Star Wars saga are absolutely amazing.

3.- Beer Machine

Ever since pubs started being replaced by ‘bars’ it’s become increasingly difficult to buy a decent pint – and bottled beers seem to be little more than gas and weed killer. In the past homebrew was equally awful, and a lot murkier, but thanks to some astoundingly brilliant Canadians home brewed beer is now dangerously gorgeous and easy to make. The Beer Machine is simplicity itself to use, just add the beer mixture (made from 100% natural ingredients and delightfully free of all those ghastly chemicals.), and in seven to ten days you’ll have 17 pints of really excellent beer.

4.- 30-inch Cinema HD

5.- Luminglass

Crafted from fine quality glass, Luminglass transforms electric current into a spectacular array of light so unique, it was seen in the film Star Trek ® “First Contact”. Just plug it in, and watch as lighting mysteriously dances inside a disk of glass that’s less than a quarter-inch thick! Create everything from a delicate tapestry of spider webs, to a powerful lightning storm! Luminglass also features a sound-responsive mode which, when used with your voice or music, creates a pulsating rhythm of light that will dazzle the senses. AC Adapter Included.

6.- Viva la relativity!

7.- Lego Mindstorms Nxt

The best possible gift for a really geek guy. I love it!!

8.- George R. R. Martin realeasing all the “A Song for Ice and Fire” books and Gigamesh releasing all the spanish traductions. That would be a great gift XD