Spain and the Software Development

Kirai talks about Software development in Spain and compares it to Software development in California or Japan. I totally agree with what he writes and that reminds my last work in the New Technologies department at the AEAT.

The biggest problem in that work was our boss, a mathematician that use to read neural networks, genethic algorithms and datamining stuff and believe that those were the solution for everything. We started a lot of projects that we thought and said were impossible to solve, as genethic algorithms controlled by genethic algorithms for automatic solving of whatever problem, neural networks capable to filtrate the attributes and trainning examples and then learn the target function (our boss thought that a previous filtering with classical filtering techniques was the wrong way). . . Whenever you said a project had no sense or a problem was impossible to solve (at least in a short period of time), his response was you had two weeks for solving it.

That boss, 16 hours of work per day and a spanish salary makes anyone to hate work.